“Gitanjali has self-studied from numerous resources and has worked her way through “The Heart  of  the  Matter – Healthy  Indian Vegetarian Food for  Life,”  a  heart  friendly  cook  book  that  is  written  by  her  and  was  published  by the  Times  Group  Books.  They commissioned her to write “Fight Cancer with Flavour” for their Client Boehringer Ingelheim. Along with Maharaja gaj Singh II, she has written “Jodhpur An insight to a Gourmet Destination.” Gitanjali  has  had  the  opportunity  to  train at  Taj  Mahal  Hotel  in  Mumbai  under  Chef  Satish Arora,  following which  she went to DCT  European  Culinary  Arts  and  Pastry  and  Chocolate  Centre  in  Vitznau, Switzerland  to  learn the  art  of  Chocolate making.  She has  had  30  years  of  expertise  of  making  Eggless  Desserts,  hosting  elegant dinner  parties,  doing  creative  cooking  and  plating  with  excellence,  to  her  credit. Gitanjali  has  also  had  practical  food  styling  experience  working  with  some of most brilliant Food Photographers  around  the  globe. These pictures  represent  some  of  her  successes.  Each  gallery  picture  indicates  the  photographer  responsible  for   magnificently   capturing   her   creations.”


“If you are looking to eat healthier and still enjoy your meals, open your kitchen to The Heart of the Matter Eating healthy Indian vegetarian Food . This indispensable companion contains 70 quick, easy, and delicious Indian vegetarian recipes to help cardiac patients eat well on the road to wellness. Whether you want a quick meal, a nutritious dinner, or a heart-healthy dessert, this book is packed with great tasting recipes the whole family can enjoy. All the recipes are reduced in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium, and come complete with detailed nutritional information. Eat to your heart’s content with Gitanjali Gurbaxani’s The Heart of the Matter – Eating healthy Indian Vegetarian Food.”


“Cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation can be almost as hard on the body as the disease itself, and detailed nutrition advice is usually not on the program. Fight Cancer with Flavour is an incredibly rich and satisfying book. It is a great resource for anyone who wants to eat as if their life matters. Fight Cancer with Flavour is the first book across the world with diets for cancer patients with Indian meals under soups, smoothies, snacks, rice, roti, main course and desserts, using commonly available ingredients that have the cancer healing properties and are easy on the pocket. Well Known Nutritionist Ms. Neelanjana Singh has worked on Nutritive values of each recipe and has written Boehringer Ingelheim has sponsored this book and the Times Group Books has published it. The demand for it was to an extent that we have had it translated in Hindi and Marathi editions, to share with the cancer patients” 

English Version:

Hindi Version

Marathi Version


“Jodhpur An Insight to a Gourmet Destination is an opulent connoisseurs cookbook with rich food and recipes that are extravagant and coming to you from the Royal kitchen of Jodhpur. It’s a gastronomic heritage where Maharaja Gaj Singh II the son of Umaid Singhji and Rajkumar Karan Vijay Singh, the grandson of Ajit Singhji have both inherited the family’s passion for food, one that their forefathers nurtured and that is how they see themselves as custodian of the tradition. Both of them are modest and share a common interest of travelling and exploring eating local foods. Their knowledge of gourmet cuisine and ingredients are superlative thanks to their frequent travel. This book also offers you a unique insight to the various restaurants to eat in, palaces to live in and places to shop at and it takes you into the food world in Jodhpur to recreate the flavours of the Royal family in the comfort zone of your home. “

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